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Recent media coverage surrounding complaints of poor mobile phone reception have brought the problem of mobile coverage to the attention of businesses experiencing similar problems with poor mobile signal. With companies becoming more reliant on the mobile phone as a means of communication - Ofcom is predicting that by 2010 mobile phone calls will outnumber fixed line calls - poor network coverage and weak or no mobile signal are becoming vital factors to consider.

More and more workers are choosing to use their mobile phone to make business calls even when at their desks, in fact research has shown that 70% of voice and data services on mobile phones are used whilst indoors. With 51,000 masts currently in the UK, servicing over 74 million handsets, is your business receiving adequate network coverage and good call quality to support all your workforce?

Poor mobile coverage isn't just a problem limited to one or two mobile network providers, it's an issue with all the major mobile operators - O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Three - and as the number and functionality of handsets continues to increase, it's a problem that's set to get worse.

Smarter Mobile specialise in solving mobile coverage problems by offering a range of independent services and products designed to check mobile coverage and then, if any poor coverage areas are found, enable businesses to boost mobile signal in low coverage areas, both inside and outside of their premises.

What can Smarter Mobile coverage solutions do for your business?


Our SmarterSURVEY provides a detailed report on the signal strength and mobile coverage of all the five major operators at your location, both indoors and outside, so you can have a direct comparison based on fact.

Through our SmarterCONSULTANCY services we can improve mobile signal strength  by acting on your behalf to negotiate better service from your current network operator. We can also assist with the migration to an alternative mobile network operator.

Our SmarterNET mobile coverage solutions can provide single or multi-sited private GSM networks - temporary or permanent - which will enable 100% network coverage, 100% of the time.



Given the increasing importance of mobile connectivity, it’s good business to find any bad reception or no coverage areas within your specific location.



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