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Cambridge, United Kingdom; 2nd November 2009

Smarter Mobile ( a telecommunications company focused upon supporting the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) customer segment with business products, solutions and services, today announces the launch of its “Smarter SURVEY” product.  Smarter SURVEY enables businesses and private customers to commission a detailed report that will provide accurate and factual data on the signal strength and coverage of ALL the 5 Major operators (Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and 3) to enable them to make a direct comparison based on fact.

In the UK it is a fact there are lots of coverage black spots where you still can't get a signal and whilst all the mobile phone operators (and OFCOM the regulator) have a website that lets you check the mobile coverage in your area, however, this is often only a general view  using coverage  predictions based on computer simulations. This coverage is not actually measured; and certainly does not offer any real and accurate information about what coverage you can expect INSIDE your premises.

One Operator even publically stated on television (BBC Watchdog)  that: "All mobile coverage checkers estimate the likely coverage in an area. Radio signals are affected by a range of local factors including buildings and other objects that can make it more difficult for some people to receive a signal in their home…” and went on to say "While none of the mobile network operators are able to offer perfect reception either inside or out of the home… is committed to improving the strength of our network, which currently covers 99 per cent of the outdoor UK population."

Visit the BBC to read more.

But now, with cost cutting being taken to the next level, operators are striking deals to share resources, right down to sharing Masts with competitors as they try to reduce costs by removing masts! This may well lead to a reduction in network coverage

Businesses and consumers can now purchase a totally independent report from Smarter Mobile, who use the same measurement equipment that the operators themselves use, to get the full picture.  No more having to rely upon a Salesman’s assurances or a computer simulated map from a web site, thus enabling mobile phone users to make an “informed” decision over the correct choice of Mobile operator


For more information contact:  Paul Wade, Chief Marketing Officer

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