Private GSM Networks

A private GSM network affords the opportunity to bring significant cost savings as well as business-critical continuity on occasions when and where the mobile networks are not available. It is also an ideal solution where rapid telephony deployment is required or where temporary business locations are used.



SmarterNET will provide businesses with 100% GSM coverage, 100% of the time. This is achieved by implementing a private GSM network for use within a single office location, warehouse or campus area built on the private network “island” principal where one or more small mobile phone base station/s are installed into your premises.



HotelNET will provide hotels with the ability to offer their customers 100% GSM coverage, 100% of the time. A hotel owner can fulfil their customer’s need to stay in touch on the move with high quality mobile communications.




EventNET provides short term mobile network communications at short notice for areas with limited GSM coverage, eg special events, constructions sites and major incidents.


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