HotelNET address the need for coverage inside the building arising from  the design or construction  or a rural location at the very far reaches of the existing networks. Lack of mobile phone coverage can loose a Hotel business as it discourages guests, particularly business travellers, from using its facilities.


The HotelNET solution enables Mobile phone calls for:


  1. Foreign guests where  their usual mobile phones will “roam” onto the local network and then connect with their home network is the usual way.
  2. UK visitors where they will be able to “temporarily” join the private network and they will be  able to make and receive calls anywhere within the premises.
  3. Staff will be able to make calls to other staff (and hotels within the same group if they join the scheme)  at a flat rate monthly subscription irrespective of length of calls at no additional cost.

In addition to cost savings for staff calls, the Hotel can generate revenue from the sale of “vouchers” to UK guests to join the scheme in a similar manner as they  currently do for WiFi coverage. Smarter Mobile works with industry segments to design and deliver mobile solutions specific to their needs and requirements.



Smarter HotelNET

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