Given the increasing importance of mobile connectivity, it’s good business to find out how good your coverage is within your specific location.


It’s possible to check your network coverage on your provider’s website, however this information is often generic - based on predictions from computer simulation - and certainly doesn’t provide accurate measurements for your specific location, let alone inside your premises.


To help SMEs to make informed decisions regarding the most suitable mobile phone network for their needs, Smarter Mobile has launched SmarterSURVEY. This is an off-the-shelf product to enable you find out exactly what the network coverage and strength is at your premises, inside and out.


The SmarterSURVEY report will identify which network has the best coverage for your business location and help you to make an informed decision when choosing a network provider to support your mobile communications.

Should the networks not be able to provide suitable coverage, Smarter Mobile can advise on the following:


  • Coverage Solutions
  • Assistance with negotiations with the network providers to resolve coverage issues
  • Private/GSM networks


Complete the questionnaire or email us at and a representative will contact you directly.


  1. An engineer will visit your offices and perform a complete survey of your building and premises.
  2. From the technical survey we will provide you with a report containing the average coverage from each of the five major networks inside and outside of your working premises.
  3. Copies of the published coverage maps from all Mobile Network Operators for your location so you can compare the real figures to that claimed by the operators.
  4. A conversation with a network independent Smarter Mobile specialist to explain the document and to discuss what your options are.

For a typical small office or two storey building, our SmarterSURVEY product can cost as little as £1,000.00+VAT, but its value to your business could be huge.



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